About our Studio | Fred Astaire’s Conceptual Method of Teaching

We want to provide a fun environment in our dance studio that will give our students an excellent understanding of dance technique. Fred Astaire Dance School provides dancing lessons to all ages and skillsets from beginners to experts. We want to help grow your dancing skills so you can wow your friends the next time you are at a party at an affordable price.

Dancing can change your life in multiple ways besides keeping you in excellent physical health. We believe that dancing helps grow a sense of self-esteem and gracefulness in all the dancers that come into our dance studio. Dancing is a great stress reliever and an excellent way to put some fun into your regular weekly routine.

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Fred Astaire Dance Studios has developed the most efficient system of teaching ballroom dancing in the world. You’ll soon find out how this method will make dancing fun, enjoyable, easy, and faster to learn.

Skills acquired from the material lessons are further enhanced and developed by the students in order for them to gain more expression, confidence, and personal style. Our Studio is in a historic is in a historic area of beautiful Trumbull CT.

Choreography/ Choreography lessons

We have excellent choreography lessons in many different genres of dance. Our choreography is perfectly tailored for the skillset and experience of each class. We like to keep our choreography fun and challenging enough to advance a dancers’ skillset.

Whether you are looking for ballet, salsa dancing, hip-hop, or modern dance classes, we have energetic and technique driven choreography for each lesson. We want to make sure that you get the most out of lesson.

Dancing Lessons

We offer a number of different dance styles and lessons. Our experienced choreographers are excellent teachers and come up with fun dances that can be picked up for any skillset. We provide private, partners, and group lessons for all ages.

One of the dancing lessons we offer is wedding dance lessons. We want to prepare you for the big day by teaching you and your future spouse the basics of dancing or choreograph a fun routine that your friends and family will remember for a long time. Our private lessons will be in a fun and relaxed atmosphere so you and your fiancé can get away from the stress of planning a wedding for an hour.

You will receive many benefits from taking one of our dance classes. Through dancing you will meet new people, work out your brain and body, learn a new skill, and relieve stress in a fun environment.


Trophy System

Approved by the National Dance Council of America and designed by the Fred Astaire national Dance Council, our Trophy System defined various levels of accomplishment in dance. Whether you want to be a confident social dancer or a national competitor, we have the program for you.

About our Studio